Wingdari - History

Wingdari Australian Kelpies have been breeding the Australian Kelpie for many years.  We only have a litter of puppies when I need to keep a puppy for myself.   These days most of the other puppies go to my friends or pet homes. 

We have exported dogs to Holland, Sweden, USA, New Zealand, Finland, The Prague Czech Republic and every state of Australia.  

Wingdari Australian Kelpies bred the first two Australian Grand Champion Kelpies - Grand Champion Wingdari Uluru "Roo" and Grand Champion Wingdari Little Jessie "Jessie".  

Wingdari is the home of multi Best In Show and Runner Up Best In Show All Breeds, multi Best In Show and Runner Up Best In Show Speciality, World and International Champion winning dogs.

I have been blessed and honoured to have achieved so much with my Australian Kelpies over the years.

To all the judges who have recognised the beautiful Australian Kelpie and believe that  these dogs are worthy of winning at the Best In Show All Breeds level - I sincerely thank you.



Our History

Chris Walker introduced me to the Kelpie breed.  Along with Chris we started breeding Australian Kelpies with a beautiful female Kelpie called Butterbone Wings ("Wings"). Wings was from the famous Chris Walker's  Butterbone Kennels, Kentlyn near Sydney.  Without Chris and his mother Jean Walker I would not have achieved the success that I have been able to over these past years.  Chris and Jean taught me so much for which I will always be eternally grateful.  Jean and I would talk for hours about the pedigrees of the dogs - faults and problems of the past dogs and taught me what I know today.   My heart felt thanks to goes to both Chris and Jean.  Sadly both Chris and Jean have passed on - my prayers and thoughts are always with them both for without their valued help and guidance I would not be so honoured and blessed to have achieved so much with my Australian Kelpies.

Wings was bred and her first two litters were registered by Chris Walker with the Butterbone prefix as at the time I did not have a kennel prefix of my own. The first litter produced Aust.Ch.Butterbone Pure Flight ("Jaffa").  Jaffa produced some of my top winning dogs. Swedish & International Champion Wingdari Colonial Girl (Exported Sweden), Aust. Grand Ch.Wingdari Little Jessie - Jessie was a great ambassador for the breed winning Best In Shows at All Breeds and Speciality Shows.  Wingdari Hey True Blue ("Tigger") - Won Best In Show  - brought back from working on the farm - straight from the paddock working sheep and cattle into the show ring - how many Kelpies today could achieve such a great win - "the judge commented to me after the  Specialty Show - that the dog never took his eyes of her - as if to say pick me".  "Tigger" did not like the show ring and was much happier being at home on the farm - so he was not shown again but was used at stud.  Tigger is the sire of Aust.Grand Ch. Wingdari Uluru  - "Roo"  - Australia's one of Australia's top winning Kelpies  -  "Roo" was known as "the living legend".   Another top winning bitch Aust.Ch.Wingdari Swaggies Lady - Multi Royal Challenge and In Show winner and mother of Aust.Ch.Wingdari Swaggies Charm who has gone on to win multi speciality Challenges and Opposite Sex in Show awards, class in show wins and has produced some top progeny - one of which has gone on to be a Grand Champion, BOB Sydney, Melbourne Royal winner, Multi Best In Show All Breeds winner, Runner Up In Show Speciality Winner  - Wingdari Swaga Chaos.

The second litter produced one of the top winning male dogs Aust.Ch.Butterbone Dire Strait ("Clancy"). "Clancy" went on to win multi Best in Shows, Royal Challenges and Best of Breeds, classes in show and Best in Group wins. "Clancy" also worked sheep and had a good eye and working instincts.

I then applied for a kennel prefix "Wingdari" in honour of "Wings". Over the years Wingdari Kelpies have produced International, World and Junior World Champions in Holland, Sweden and Finland. The dog that has left his mark on the breed is the "living legend" - Aust.Grand Champion Wingdari Uluru ("Roo"). "Roo" has over the years won twenty Royal wins to his credit at Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Canberra, Brisbane and Hobart Royals. He is a multi Best In Show Speciality and Runner Up Best in Show winner at All Breed levels, multi Best in Groups, Consolation to Best in Show wins. "Roo" was the most gentle, kind and loving dog and has passed this on in his progeny.  Sadly Roo died at the age of 16 years.  Our "Roo's" daughter Aust.Ch.Mountainmist Olga - "Poss" and his son Aust.Ch. Mountainmist Sunaru - "Sonny" - both top winning dogs and between them have achieved multi Royal Best of Breed and Runner Up Best of Breed wins, Challenges, Best In Shows and Runner Up Best in Show wins at both Speciality and All Breeds levels. At Brisbane Royal 2003 "Sonny" and his three progeny won the four top awards for the Kelpie breed. "Sonny" won the Challenge Dog and Opposite Sex of Breed, Wingdari Swaga Chaos won Puppy Dog and Opposite Puppy of Breed, Wingdari Swaga Spirits won Best Minor Puppy Bitch and Best Puppy of Breed.  Aust. Ch. Wingdari Outback Sunrise a daughter of "Sonny" won the Reserve Challenge Bitch and Runner Up Best of Breed. "Poss" has attained her Grand Champion Title along with Best In Show at the Easter Specialty Kelpie Show in Sydney 2004. "Sonny" won Best of Breed Adelaide Royal, Runner Up Best in the Working Dog Group and Best Australian Working Dog in Show.  At twelve years of age "Sonny" has produced three beautiful boys to our top winning girl "Aust. Gr. Ch. Wingdari Bush Xmas".  Two of the boys had their Australian Championship Titles unofficially before they were twelve months old.  The third boy "Woody" is training to do agility and already has achieved so much for such a young dog.

So the legend lives on from the great dog Aust.Grand Ch.Wingdari Uluru.

My dogs live an easy life - running free, being happy and every dog a valued family member and companion.   To me the most important thing is for my dogs to have a happy, safe home and environment.

To all the folk who own Wingdari Kelpies - my sincere thanks to you all.

Whether the dogs are worked on stock, shown in the ring, do obedience, agility, tracking or search and rescue work or a family pet - many many thanks for loving them as I do.

To my dear friends - the wonderful people who help me exhibit the dogs - without you I would not be able to achieved such wonderful results.  

I am not able to show my dogs myself anymore, for health reasons.   To you all I cannot truely express my gratitude for your kindness over the years.

Thank you.

Marie Colyer
Wingdari Australian Kelpies


History of the Australian Kelpie

Last century the Kelpie came into being because Australian sheepmen needed a special type of dog that could work sheep under variable and harsh conditions on the vast outback properties of Australia.   The severe Australian climate and the harsh conditions of the country made it very hard for the various breeds of sheepdogs from Europe and the UK as they were too heavy coated.   In the 1860s this wonderful breed came from two black and tan short coated prick eared Collies imported by a Mr. Elliott and a Mr. Allen.

From a litter born shortly after their arrival came several black and tans and one red pup. The red pup, in some ways, resembled the fox, which was believed to be in the background of the breeding – of course this is not true and foxes and dogs cannot mate.  From Victoria came a bitch, also from a Collie, called Kelpie (Gaelic word meaning water sprite). The Kelpie was mated to a dog from Elliott and Allen's pups and one pup from this litter resembled her mother so much she was also named Kelpie.

Kelpie (at 12 months of age) was entered in the first sheep dog trial in 1872 which was held at Forbes, NSW and she won this trial with ease.  Her pups were in great demand and were at the time called Kelpie's pups, and so this is how the name Kelpie was evolved. This name has now gained the status of Australian Kelpie.

Among the descendants of these early dogs was the jet black dog who was named The Barb. Many black Kelpies were referred to as 'Barbs" and this term still persists today.

There are various recorded and unrecorded infusions of other breeds with some experts believing there have been crosses to the Dingo. However, this issue is fiercely debated by many breeders and historians.

The Australian Kelpie has been exported to the Netherlands, Russia, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, UK, USA, South America, South Africa, New Zealand and Germany from these humble beginnings. These dogs are being used to manage a variety of stock including reindeer, goats, cattle and, of course, sheep. Kelpies in Sweden have gained police dog titles and pulled sleds and are trained for search and rescue work.

The Kelpie has excelled in the areas of Obedience, Agility and Tracking. They have participated in Pets As Therapy and in the past, have been fully trained Guide Dogs.


Contact Details

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Southern Highlands Area, NSW, Australia
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